Automated Quantitative Tissue Assessments in Human Liver and Thigh

Metaxas, Dimitris ;   Yan, Zhennan ;   Tan, Chaowei ;   Yu, Hui Jing ;   Engelke, Klaus ;   Miller, Colin

Tags TissueClassification

Automated assessment of adipose tissues in organs is important in clinical trials for disease quantification, therapy monitoring and drug...

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Bioimaging-Based Integrative Approaches for Drug Discovery and Development

Ying, Xiaoyou

Tags Other-method

As technologies advanced in detection, characterization and visualization of biological processes, more imaging solutions have been developed...

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Characterization of Bone Abnormalities from Micro-CT Images for Evaluating Drug Toxicity in Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology (DART) Studies

Dogdas, Belma ;   Chen, Antong ;   Mehta, Saurin ;   Shah, Tosha ;   Robinson, Barbara ;   Xue, Dahai ;   Gleason, Alexa ;   Wise, L. David ;   Crawford, Randolph ;   Pak, Irene ;   Cruz, Francisco ;   Somayajula, Sangeetha ;   Bagchi, Ansuman ;   Johnson, Colena ;   Mattson, Britta ;   Winkelmann, Chris

Tags Computed tomography (CT)BoneImage segmentation

Routinely, compounds are assessed by developmental and reproductive toxicology (DART) studies to evaluate the potential for drug-induced...

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CIQuanT – Bridging the Gap between In Vivo and Ex Vivo Imaging by using Quantitative Whole Body Autoradiography (QWBA), 3D Cryo-Imaging (3DC) Techniques, and PET/CT

Linehan, Stefan ;   Orcutt, Kelly

Tags In-vivo cellular and molecular imaging

Cryo-Imaging quantitative tomography (CIQuanT) is an innovative new approach for analyzing data collected via methods for QWBA and 3DC....

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Quantitative Imaging in Drug Discovery and Development

Evelhoch, Jeffrey

Tags Image acquisition

Biomarkers are objectively measured indicators of a biological/pathobiological process or pharmacologic response to treatment. Over the past...

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