A Novel Wireless Probe-Based System for Point-of-Care Ultrasound

Urbano, Joseph ;   Randall, Kevin

Tags UltrasoundImage acquisitionSurgical guidance/navigation

Sterility and infection control are important considerations in the use of ultrasound imaging for point-of-care procedure guidance. The...

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Compact and Highly Portable Ultrasound for Guiding Vascular Access

Hossack, John A.

Tags Image acquisitionVessels

The ?Sonic Window? is a handheld, C-scan ultrasound device designed primarily to provide image guidance in vascular access procedures. The...

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Novel Applications of Wearable Ultrasound Imaging Systems in Rehabilitation

Sikdar, Siddhartha ;   Akhlaghi, Nima ;   Lahlou, Mohamed ;   Monroe, Brian ;   Chitnis, Parag ;   Rangwala, Huzefa ;   Kosecka, Jana ;   Pancrazio, Joseph

Tags UltrasoundMusclePattern recognition and classification

Recent advances in ultrasound technology have provided an opportunity to utilize imaging in new point-of-care settings, where imaging has not...

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Point of Care Ultrasound: Traditional Methods and Low Resource Demand Imaging for Remote Environments

Garra, Brian

Tags UltrasoundImage acquisitionImage compression

Point of Care Ultrasound has enjoyed a surge in popularity in the USA and is the major method of diagnostic medical imaging in low resource...

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Technology Development for Point-of-Care Ultrasound

Thomenius, Kai Erik

Tags Ultrasound

During the last 10 years there has been a steady development of clinical ultrasound outside of its traditional venues of radiology, cardiology,...

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