Combining SART and CTF for 3D Phase Retrieval in X-Ray In-Line Phase Tomography

Weber, Loriane ;   Langer, Max ;   Cloetens, Peter ;   Peyrin, Francoise

Tags Image reconstruction - analytical & iterative methodsInverse methodsX-ray imaging

This paper presents a new iterative algorithm for X-ray in-line phase tomography. It combines the phase retrieval and the tomographic...

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Detection and Quantification of Human Cranial Capacity in 3D

Ushizima, Daniela

Tags Computed tomography (CT)BrainImage segmentation

This paper proposes an unsupervised algorithm to quantify human cranial capacity from computed tomography datasets. Our implementation...

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Liver Tissue Characterization and Multitemporal Parameter Selection in Triphasic CT

Gemme, Laura ;   Ferretti, Roberta ;   Dellepiane, Silvana

Tags Computed tomography (CT)Liver

The aim of the paper is to find the bases for a quantitative study dealing with liver characterization by triphasic CT. This technique allows...

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Magnified X-Ray Phase Nano-Tomography Enables Investigation of the Bone Tissue 3D Ultrastructural Alterations in Osteoporosis

Pacureanu, Alexandra ;   Cloetens, Peter ;   Langer, Max ;   Grimal, Quentin ;   Lafage-Proust, Marie-Hélène ;   Peyrin, Francoise

Tags X-ray imagingBoneComputed tomography (CT)

X-ray propagation phase contrast tomographic imaging is an emergent technique in life sciences research. Due to its considerably increased...

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Regularized Phase Retrieval Algorithms for X-Ray Phase Tomography of 3D Bone Cell Culture Analysis

Weber, Loriane ;   Langer, Max ;   Cloetens, Peter ;   Peyrin, Francoise

Tags X-ray imagingBoneImage reconstruction - analytical & iterative methods

In this work, different regularization methods were applied to phase retrieval in phase contrast micro-tomography of Skelite scaffolds seeded...

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X-Ray Nano-Imaging for Life Sciences

Pacureanu, Alexandra ;   Yang, Yang ;   Bohic, Sylvain ;   Fus, Florin ;   Hubert, Maxime ;   Langer, Max ;   Weber, Loriane ;   Tucoulou Tachoueres, Remi ;   Cloetens, Peter

Tags X-ray imagingTissueAnimal models and imaging

X-ray nano-imaging is a valuable tool for the 3D characterization of the morphology and the elemental composition of biological specimens such...

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