Advanced Machine Learning and Textural Methods in Monitoring Cell Death using Quantitative Ultrasound Spectroscopy

Gangeh, Mehrdad ;   El kaffas, Ahmed ;   Hashim, Amr ;   Giles, Anoja ;   Czarnota, Gregory

Tags Machine learningUltrasoundPattern recognition and classification

A computer-aided-prognosis system is demonstrated based on quantitative ultrasound spectroscopy methods, textural features using local...

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BM3D-Based Ultrasound Image Denoising via Brushlet Thresholding

Gan, Yu ;   Angelini, Elsa ;   Laine, Andrew F. ;   Hendon, Christine

Tags Ultrasoundimage filtering (e.g. mathematical morphology, wavelets,...)Heart

In this paper, we present a brushlet-based block matching 3D (BM3D) method to collaboratively denoise ultrasound images. Through dividing...

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Echocardiogram View Classification with Appearance and Spatial Distributions

Gupta, Ronak ;   Chaudhury, Santanu ;   Subramanian, Navneeth ;   Govind, Dr.Satish

Tags UltrasoundPattern recognition and classificationHeart

When imaging the heart, using a 2D ultrasound probe, different views can manifest depending on the location and angulations of the probe....

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Fisher Vector Encoding for Detecting Objects of Interest in Ultrasound Videos

Maraci, Mohammad Ali ;   Napolitano, raffaele ;   Papageorghiou, Aris ;   Noble, J Alison

Tags UltrasoundFetusClassification

One of the main factors limiting the wider adoption of ultrasound imaging for diagnosis and therapy is requiring highly skilled sonographers. In...

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Robust Lumen Segmentation in 3D Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Images

Cao, Kunlin ;   Padfield, Dirk ;   Dentinger, Aaron M. ;   Wallace, Kirk ;   Mills, David

Tags UltrasoundVesselsImage segmentation

The detection and quantification of carotid artery stenosis guides the decision of the need for surgical intervention such as endarterectomy...

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Ventricular Blood Flow Analysis using Topological Methods

Kulp, Scott ;   Chen, Chao ;   Metaxas, Dimitris ;   Axel, Leon

Tags VisualizationHeartModeling - Anatomical, physiological and pathological

Thanks to the advances of data acquisition techniques, we can acquire ventricular blood flow data with very high quality. This extremely...

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