Crohn's Disease Segmentation from MRI using Learned Image Priors

Dwarikanath, Mahapatra ;   Schueffler, Peter ;   Vos, Frans ;   Buhmann, Joachim

Tags Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)Gastrointestinal tractMachine learning

We use a Field of Experts (FoE) model to segment abdominal regions from MRI affected with Crohns Disease (CD). FoE learns a prior model of...

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Equating Emphysema Scores and Segmentations across CT Reconstructions: A Comparison Study

Häme, Yrjö Tapio ;   Angelini, Elsa ;   Barr, R. Graham ;   Laine, Andrew

Tags LungComputed tomography (CT)Computer-aided detection and diagnosis (CAD)

The extent of pulmonary emphysema is commonly quantified on computed tomography (CT) as the proportion of voxels within the lung region...

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Estimating Glucose Concentration using a Sparse Scalable Mean-Shift Algorithm

Demitri, Nevine ;   Zoubir, Abdelhak M.

Tags Image segmentationDimensionality reductionOptimization method

The mean-shift algorithm is a very popular approach for clustering and mode location estimation, notably for medical image processing. However,...

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Fiber Segmentation using a Density-Peaks Clustering Algorithm

Chen, Pingjun ;   Fan, Xin ;   Liu, Ruiyang ;   Tang, Xianxuan ;   Cheng, Hua

Tags Image segmentationConnectivity analysisDiffusion weighted imaging

Automatic segmentation of fiber bundles can be beneficial to quantitative analysis on neuropsychiatric diseases. Previous clustering methods...

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Group-Wise Consistent Sulcal Fundi Segmentation based on DMRI-Derived Odf Features

Zhang, Tuo ;   Chen, Hanbo ;   Jiang, Xi ;   Ge, Bao ;   Guo, Lei ;   Liu, Tianming

Tags Image segmentationDiffusion weighted imagingBrain

Recently, it has been shown that structural connectivity patterns derived from diffusion MRI can be used for cortical parcellation and...

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Improving Multi-Atlas Segmentation Accuracy by Leveraging Local Neighborhood Information during Label-Fusion

Bhagwat, Nikhil ;   Pipitone, Jonathan ;   Voineskos, Aristotle ;   Pruessner, Jens ;   Chakravarty, M. Mallar

Tags Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)BrainImage segmentation

Multi-atlas segmentation techniques typically comprise generation of multiple candidate labels that are then combined at a final label fusion...

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Segmentation of 4D CT Bone Images by Sequential Registration

Van Dijck, Christophe ;   Kerkhof, Faes ;   Vereecke, Evie ;   Wirix-Speetjens, Roel ;   Vander Sloten, Jos

Tags Image segmentationImage registrationComputed tomography (CT)

The introduction of 4D image acquisition techniques has made it possible to analyse anatomical motion in vivo. With 4D computed tomography...

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Two-Stage Fusion Set Selection in Multi-Atlas-Based Image Segmentation

Zhao, Tingting ;   Ruan, Dan

Tags Image segmentationAtlasesProstate

Conventional multi-atlas-based segmentation demands pairwise full-fledged registration between each atlas image and the target image, leading...

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