Longitudinal Brain MR Retrieval with Diffeomorphic Demons Registration: What Happened to those Patients with Similar Changes?

Liu, Siqi ;   Liu, Sidong ;   Zhang, Fan ;   Cai, Weidong ;   Pujol, Sonia ;   Kikinis, Ron ;   Feng, Dagan

Tags BrainMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)Other-method

Current medical content-based retrieval (MCBR) systems for neuroimaging data mainly focus on retrieving the crosssectional neuroimaging data...

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MRI-Based Motion Estimation via Scatter to Volume Registration

Miao, Shun ;   Wang, Z. Jane ;   Liao, Rui

Tags Motion compensation and analysisImage registrationMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Respiratory motion is a major source of error in many image acquisition applications and image-guided interventions, and motion estimation...

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Multiple Labels Point-Set Registration

Van Reeth, Eric ;   Sdika, Michaël ;   Luppi, Pierre-Hervé ;   Libourel, Paul-Antoine ;   Beuf, Olivier

Tags Image registrationAtlasesMulti-modality fusion

A multi-label point-set registration method is presented in this paper. It focuses on carefully computing an initial transform to help the...

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Mutually Coherent Structural Representation for Image Registration through Joint Manifold Embedding and Alignment

Conjeti, Sailesh ;   Yigitsoy, Mehmet ;   Sheet, Debdoot ;   Chatterjee, Jyotirmoy ;   Navab, Nasir ;   Katouzian, Amin

Tags Image registration

In this paper, we we introduce mutually coherent structural representations (McSR) for image registration which learns a mapping of local...

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Robust Image Registration in the Gradient Domain

Li, Yeqing ;   Chen, Chen ;   Zhou, Jinghao ;   Huang, Junzhou

Tags Image registration

In many real-world applications of image registration, the images have significantly different appearances due to the intensity variations. Many...

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Structural and Diffusion Weighted MRI Registration for Biomarker Fusion in Crohn's Disease Diagnosis

Taimouri, Vahid ;   Kurugol, Sila ;   Clancy, Sean ;   Freiman, Moti ;   Warfield, Simon K.

Tags Diffusion weighted imagingImage registrationAbdomen

Diffusivity of water molecules estimated from diffusion weighted MRI (DW-MRI) is an important biomarker to pinpoint regions with restricted...

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