Automated Semmes Weinstein Monofilament Examination Replication using Optical Imaging and Mechanical Probe Assembly

Siddiqui, Hafeez ;   Dudley, Sandra ;   Alty, Steve ;   Spruce, Michelle

Tags Image segmentationSkinComputational Imaging

The World Health Organization reports more than 135 million people globally suffer from diabetes, with 25% developing peripheral neuropathy and...

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Automatic Segmentation of Focal Adhesions from Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts

Reyes-Aldasoro, Constantino Carlos ;   Barri, Muruj ;   Hafezparast, Majid

Tags Image segmentationSingle cell & molecule detectionMicroscopy - Fluorescence

This work describes an automatic algorithm for the segmentation and quantification of focal adhesions from mouse embryonic fibroblasts. The...

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Improving 3d Em Data Segmentation by Joint Optimization Over Boundary Evidence and Biological Priors

Krasowski, Nikola Enrico ;   Beier, Thorsten ;   Knott, Graham W. ;   Koethe, Ullrich ;   Hamprecht, Fred Andreas ;   Kreshuk, Anna

Tags Graphical models & methodsMicroscopy - electronImage segmentation

We present a new automated neuron segmentation algorithm for isotropic 3D electron microscopy data. We cast the problem into the {it...

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Multiscale Tensor Anisotropic Filtering of Fluorescence Microscopy for Denoising Microvasculature

Prasath, V. B. Surya ;   Pelapur, Rengarajan ;   Glinskii, Olga ;   Glinsky, Vladislav ;   Huxley, Virginia ;   Palaniappan, Kannappan

Tags Image enhancement/restoration(noise and artifact reduction)Microscopy - FluorescenceVessels

Fluorescence microscopy images are contaminated by noise and improving image quality without blurring vascular structures by filtering is an...

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Segmenting Subcellular Structures in Histology Tissue Images

Wang, Jiazhuo ;   Mackenzie, John ;   Ramachandran, Rageshree ;   Zhang, Yizhe ;   Wang, Haitao ;   Chen, Danny

Tags Image segmentation

Pathologists often rely on features of the subcellular structures, i.e., nucleus and cytoplasm, to differentiate different types of immune...

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Tip-Seeking Active Contours for Bioimage Segmentation

Uhlmann, Virginie ;   Unser, Michael

Tags Image segmentationAnimal models and imagingMicroscopy - Light

In the present paper, we address the problem of segmenting biological objects featuring corners. The main ingredients of our approach are...

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