Automatic Clustering of Short Association White Matter Fibers from HARDI Tractography Datasets

Roman, Godoy, Claudio Esteban ;   Guevara, Pamela ;   Guevara, Miguel ;   Duclap, Delphine ;   Lebois, Alice ;   Poupon, Cyril ;   Mangin, Jean-François

Tags Diffusion weighted imagingBrainConnectivity analysis

In this paper we studied the short brain association fibers based on an inter-subject clustering over 20 subjects of a high quality HARDI...

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Concomitant Variability of the Central Sulcus Morphology and Adjacent Connectivity Patterns

Lefranc, Sandrine ;   Sun, Zhong Yi ;   Roca, Pauline ;   Poupon, Cyril ;   Le Bihan, Denis ;   Mangin, Jean-François ;   Rivière, Denis

Tags Diffusion weighted imagingBrainConnectivity analysis

Coupling the morphological characteristics of sulcal anatomy with connectivity patterns established from diffusion MRI remains a major...

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CSF Contamination-Invariant Statistics in Diffusion-Weighted MRI

Arkesteijn, Georgius ;   Poot, Dirk H.J. ;   de Groot, Marius ;   Vernooij, Meike ;   Niessen, Wiro ;   van Vliet, Lucas ;   Vos, Frans

Tags Diffusion weighted imagingBrainQuantification and estimation

In diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (DW-MRI), the detection of microstructural change in brain white matter structures that...

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Determinant of the Information Matrix: A New Rotation Invariant Optimality Metric to Design Gradient Encoding Schemes

Alipoor, Mohammad ;   Gu, Irene Y.H.

Tags Diffusion weighted imagingImage reconstruction - analytical & iterative methodsImage acquisition

Minimum condition number (CN) gradient encoding scheme was introduced to diffusion MRI community more than a decade ago. It's computation...

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Heritability of Brain Network Topology in 853 Twins and Siblings

Zhan, Liang ;   Jahanshad, Neda ;   Faskowitz, Joshua ;   Zhu, Dajiang ;   Prasad, Gautam ;   Martin, Nicholas G. ;   de Zubicaray, Greig ;   McMahon, Katie ;   Wright, Margaret ;   Thompson, Paul

Tags Diffusion weighted imagingBrainConnectivity analysis

Anatomical brain networks change throughout life and with diseases. Genetic analysis of these networks may help identify processes giving rise...

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Spectral Graph Theory and Graph Energy Metrics Show Evidence for the Alzheimer's Disease Disconnection Syndrome in APOE-4 Risk Gene Carriers

Daianu, Madelaine ;   Mezher, Adam ;   Jahanshad, Neda ;   Hibar, Derrek Paul ;   Nir, Talia M. ;   Jack, Clifford R ;   Weiner, Michael ;   Bernstein, Matthew ;   Thompson, Paul

Tags Connectivity analysisDiffusion weighted imagingBrain

Our understanding of network breakdown in Alzheimer's disease (AD) is likely to be enhanced through advanced mathematical descriptors. Here,...

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Tractography-Embedded White Matter Stream Clustering

Jin, Yan ;   Cetingul, Hasan Ertan

Tags Diffusion weighted imagingBrain

While automated segmentation of white matter fibers is essential for understanding the human brain connectome, fast unsupervised clustering...

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Using 3D-SHORE and MAP-MRI to Obtain Both Tractography and Microstructural Constrasts from a Clinical DMRI Acquisition

Fick, Rutger H.J. ;   Zucchelli, Mauro ;   Girard, Gabriel ;   Descoteaux, Maxime ;   Menegaz, Gloria ;   Deriche, Rachid

Tags Diffusion weighted imagingBrainCompressive sensing & sampling

Diffusion MRI (dMRI) is used to characterize the directionality and microstructural properties of brain white matter (WM) by measuring the...

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