Bag of Forests for Modelling of Tissue Energy Interaction in Optical Coherence Tomography for Atherosclerotic Plaque Susceptibility Assessment

Guha Roy, Abhijit ;   Conjeti, Sailesh ;   Carlier, Stephane ;   König, Andreas ;   Kastrati, Adnan ;   Dutta, P.K. ;   Laine, Andrew F. ;   Navab, Nasir ;   Sheet, Debdoot ;   Katouzian, Amin

Tags Machine learningOptical coherence tomographyHeart

Atherosclerosis assessment using the high resolution of intravascular optical coherence tomography (IV-OCT) enables the visualization of...

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Classification of Benign and Malignant Masses in Mammograms using Multi-Resolution Analysis of Oriented Patterns

Midya, Abhishek ;   Chakraborty, Jayasree

Tags BreastPattern recognition and classificationComputer-aided detection and diagnosis (CAD)

The paper proposes a novel approach for the classification of breast masses as benign and malignant using multi-resolution analysis of...

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Cross-Modality Medical Image Detection and Segmentation by Transfer Learning of Shape Priors

Zheng, Yefeng

Tags Machine learningImage segmentationShape analysis

Machine learning based methods have been widely used for detecting and segmenting various anatomical structures in different medical imaging...

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Fusion and Ann based Classification of Liver Focal Lesions using Phases in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Öztürk, Ay?e Elif ;   Ceylan, Murat

Tags Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)Pattern recognition and classificationimage filtering (e.g. mathematical morphology, wavelets,...)

Detecting and diagnosing the liver focal lesions have vital importance in planning the treatments of the patients. While there is no need to...

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Learning Discriminative Local Features from Image-Level Labelled Data for Colonoscopy Image Classification

Manivannan, Siyamalan ;   Trucco, Emanuele

Tags ClassificationMachine learningEndoscopy

In this paper we propose a novel weakly-supervised feature learning approach, learning discriminative local features from image-level labelled...

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Multi-Phase Liver Lesions Classification using Relevant Visual Words based on Mutual Information

Diamant, Idit ;   Goldberger, Jacob ;   Klang, Eyal ;   Amitai, Michal ;   Greenspan, Hayit K.

Tags ClassificationMachine learningLiver

We present a novel method for automated diagnosis of liver lesions in multi-phase CT images. Our approach is a variant of the...

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Optimized Steerable Wavelets for Texture Analysis of Lung Tissue in 3-D CT: Classification of Usual Interstitial Pneumonia

Depeursinge, Adrien ;   Pad, Pedram ;   Chin, Anne S. ;   Leung, Ann N. ;   Rubin, Daniel ;   Müller, Henning ;   Unser, Michael

Tags image filtering (e.g. mathematical morphology, wavelets,...)LungComputed tomography (CT)

Our aim is to optimize wavelet-based feature extraction for differentiating between the classical versus atypical pattern of usual interstitial...

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