An Algorithm for Piecewise-Constant Velocity Estimation and Application to Particle Trajectories in Microscopy

Chenouard, Nicolas ;   Tsien, Richard W.

Tags Tracking (time series analysis)Pattern recognition and classificationOptimization method

We describe a new method for the analysis of spatio-temporal trajectories consisting in the automated identification of periods of constant...

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Automated Monitoring of Human Embryonic Cells up to the 5-Cell Stage in Time-Lapse Microscopy Images

Khan, Aisha Sajjad ;   Gould, Stephen ;   Salzmann, Mathieu

Tags Cells & moleculesMachine learning

Measurement of the proliferative behavior of human embryonic cells in vitro is important to many biomedical applications ranging from basic...

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Estimation of Divergence-Free 3D Cardiac Blood Flow in a Zebrafish Larva using Multi-View Microscopy

Chan, Kevin G. ;   Liebling, Michael

Tags Microscopy - IntravitalMotion compensation and analysisHeart

Conventional fluid flow estimation methods for in vivo optical microscopy are limited to two-dimensions and are only able to estimate the...

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Proof-Reading Guidance in Cell Tracking by Sampling from Tracking-by-Assignment Models

Schiegg, Martin ;   Heuer, Ben ;   Haubold, Carsten ;   Wolf, Steffen ;   Koethe, Ullrich ;   Hamprecht, Fred Andreas

Tags Graphical models & methodsTracking (time series analysis)Machine learning

Automated cell tracking methods are still error-prone. On very large data sets, uncertainty measures are thus needed to guide the expert to...

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Tracking of Non-Brownian Particles using the Viterbi Algorithm

Magnusson, Klas E. G. ;   Jaldén, Joakim

Tags Tracking (time series analysis)Microscopy - FluorescenceCells & molecules

We present a global tracking algorithm for tracking particles with dynamic motion models. The tracking algorithm augments a existing global...

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