A Bayesian Formulation of Graph-Cut Surface Estimation with Global Shape Priors

Veni, Gopalkrishna ;   Elhabian, Shireen ;   Ross, Whitaker

Tags Image segmentationGraphical models & methodsProbabilistic and statistical models & methods

In this paper, we propose a formulation of graph-cut segmentation that relies on a generative image model by incorporating both local and...

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A Novel Nested Graph Cut Method for Segmenting Human Lymph Nodes in 3D High Frequency Ultrasound Images

Kuo, Jen-wei ;   Mamou, Jonathan ;   Wang, Yao ;   Saegusa-Beecroft, Emi ;   Machi, Junji ;   Feleppa, Ernest

Tags Image segmentationGraphical models & methodsUltrasound

Three-dimensional (3D) quantitative-ultrasound (QUS) methods were recently developed and successfully applied to detect cancerous regions in...

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Local Atlas Selection for Discrete Multi-Atlas Segmentation

Alchatzidis, Stavros ;   Sotiras, Aristeidis ;   Paragios, Nikos

Tags Image segmentationGraphical models & methodsBrain

Multi-atlas segmentation is commonly performed in two separate steps: i) multiple pairwise registrations, and ii) fusion of the deformed...

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Multi-Atlas Label Fusion with Augmented Atlases for Fast and Accurate Segmentation of Cardiac MR Images

Xie, Long ;   Sedai, Suman ;   Liang, Xi ;   Compas, Colin ;   Wang, Hongzhi ;   Yushkevich, Paul ;   Syeda-Mahmood, Tanveer

Tags Image segmentationHeartMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Quantitative analysis of cardiac Magnetic Resonance (CMR) images requires accurate segmentation of myocardium. Although recent multi-atlas...

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Multiple Template Deformation Application to Abdominal Organ Segmentation

Gauriau, Romane ;   Ardon, Roberto ;   Lesage, David ;   Bloch, Isabelle

Tags Image segmentationAbdomenComputed tomography (CT)

We propose a fast, automatic and versatile framework for the segmentation of multiple anatomical structures from 2D and 3D images. We...

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