Alterations of Source and Connectivity EEG Patterns under Simulated Deep-Sea Condition

Storti, Silvia Francesca ;   Formaggio, Emanuela ;   Melucci, Massimo ;   Faralli, Fabio ;   Ricciardi, Lucio ;   Menegaz, Gloria ;   Pastena, Lucio

Tags EEG & MEGBrainConnectivity analysis

New wireless technologies can overcome technical and safety problems of older ones for recording biological signals in hyperbaric chamber. In...

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Combined Delay and Graph Embedding of Epileptic Discharges in EEG Reveals Complex and Recurrent Nonlinear Dynamics

Erem, Burak ;   Hyde, Damon ;   Peters, Jurriaan ;   Duffy, Frank ;   Brooks, Dana ;   Warfield, Simon K.

Tags EEG & MEGMachine learningDimensionality reduction

The dynamical structure of the brain's electrical signals contains valuable information about its physiology. Here we combine techniques for...

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Detection of Condition-Based Changes in Cross-Frequency Coupling with MEG

Soto, Juan ;   Jerbi, Karim

Tags Connectivity analysisEEG & MEGProbabilistic and statistical models & methods

We present a method for the study of condition-based variations of functional connectivity in the brain with MEG data. The method is an...

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STTICS: A Template-Based Algorithm for the Objective Selection of Epilepsy-Related EEG ICA Components

Abreu, Rodolfo ;   Leite, Marco ;   Leal, Alberto ;   Figueiredo, Patricia

Tags EEG & MEGFunctional imaging (e.g. fMRI)Multi-modality fusion

One of the challenges in EEG-correlated fMRI studies is the selection of a representative time-course from the EEG data, which can be used...

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Topological Seizure Origin Detection in Electroencephalographic Signals

Wang, Yuan ;   Ombao, Hernando ;   Chung, Moo K.

Tags EEG & MEGModeling - Anatomical, physiological and pathologicalQuantification and estimation

We propose a method for detecting seizure origin in epileptic electroencephalographic (EEG) data based on a novel multi-scale topological...

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