A Symmetric Deformation-Based Similarity Measure for Shape Analysis

Kolouri, Soheil ;   Slepcev, Dejan ;   Rohde, Gustavo

Tags Shape analysisImage registrationMachine learning

Statistical modeling of cellular/subcellular shapes is required for quantifying shape variations and understanding complex cell behaviors. Such...

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Cell Pairings for Ascidian Embryo Registration

Michelin, GaĆ«l ;   Guignard, Leo ;   Fiuza, Ulla-Maj ;   Lemaire, Patrick ;   Godin, Christophe ;   Malandain, Gregoire

Tags Image registrationIn-vivo cellular and molecular imagingMicroscopy - Fluorescence

Recent microscopy techniques allow imaging temporal 3D stacks of developing organs or embryos with a cellular level of resolution and with a...

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Deformable Registration of Immunofluorescence and Histology using Iterative Cross-Modal Propagation

Conjeti, Sailesh ;   Yigitsoy, Mehmet ;   Peng, Tingying ;   Sheet, Debdoot ;   Chatterjee, Jyotirmoy ;   Bayer, Christine ;   Navab, Nasir ;   Katouzian, Amin

Tags Image registrationMicroscopy - LightMicroscopy - Fluorescence

In this work, we present a framework for multi-modal deformable registration of immunofluorescence to histology images. It is cast to a...

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Intensity-Based Point-Spread-Function-Aware Registration for Multi-View Applications in Optical Microscopy

Chacko, Nikhil ;   Chan, Kevin G. ;   Liebling, Michael

Tags Image registrationMicroscopy - FluorescenceFluorescence tomography

We present an algorithm to spatially register two volumetric datasets related via a rigid-body transform and degraded by an anisotropic...

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Multiscale MRF Optimization for Robust Registration of 2D Biological Data

Preston, J. Samuel ;   Joshi, Sarang ;   Whitaker, Ross

Tags Image registrationMicroscopy - electron

Discrete formulations of image registration offer the promise of dense deformations via optimizations robust to large motions or poor...

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