3D Ultrasound Simulation based on a Biomechanical Model of Prone MRI in Breast Cancer Imaging

Morin, Renaud ;   Eiben, Bjoern ;   Bidaut, Luc ;   Hipwell, John ;   Evans, Andrew ;   Hawkes, David J

Tags UltrasoundBreastMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Women with breast cancer, whether screen detected or symptomatic, have both mammography and ultrasound for initial imaging assessment....

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Concentration Estimation of Ultrasound Targeted Microbubbles for Improving Cancer Detection: A Preliminary in Vivo Study

Sciallero, Claudia ;   Trucco, Andrea

Tags UltrasoundIn-vivo cellular and molecular imagingContrast agent quantification

Ultrasound imaging can be combined with specific targeted contrast agents for noninvasive detection of pathology using disease-associated...

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Fast Kidney Detection and Segmentation with Learned Kernel Convolution and Model Deformation in 3D Ultrasound Images

Ardon, Roberto ;   Cuingnet, Remi ;   Bacchuwar, Ketan ;   Gauriau, Romane ;   Auvray, Vincent

Tags UltrasoundImage segmentationMachine learning

We present an algorithm to segment kidneys in 3D ultrasound images. The main challenges are the high variability in kidney appearance, the...

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Greater Trochanter Tracking in Ultrasound Imaging during Gait

Jia, Rui ;   Monk, Andrew Paul ;   Murray, David ;   Mellon, Stephen ;   Noble, J Alison

Tags Tracking (time series analysis)UltrasoundBone

We are developing a new system called Computer-Aided Tracking and Motion Analysis with Ultrasound System (CAT & MAUS) to dynamically describe...

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Quantitative Ultrasound Spectroscopy and a Kernel-Based Metric in Clinical Cancer Response Monitoring

Gangeh, Mehrdad ;   Tadayyon, Hadi ;   Sanachi, Lakshmanan ;   Sadeghi-Naini, Ali ;   Czarnota, Gregory

Tags Machine learningUltrasoundBreast

In this study, a kernel-based metric based on Hilbert-Schmidt independence criterion (HSIC) is introduced in conjunction with quantitative...

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