An Unbiased Bayesian approach to Functional Connectomics Implicates Social-Communication Networks in Autism

Venkataraman, Archana ;   Duncan, James ;   Yang, Daniel ;   Pelphrey, Kevin

Tags Graphical models & methodsFunctional imaging (e.g. fMRI)Connectivity analysis

We demonstrate that a hierarchical Bayesian analysis of whole-brain functional connectivity, as measured via resting-state fMRI (rsfMRI),...

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Classification of Schizophrenia and Bipolar Patients using Static and Time-Varying Resting-State fMRI Brain Connectivity

Rashid, Barnaly ;   Arbabshirani, Mohammad Reza ;   Damaraju, Eswar ;   Miller, Robyn ;   Cetin, Mustafa S. ;   Pearlson, Godfrey ;   Calhoun, Vince

Tags Functional imaging (e.g. fMRI)ClassificationConnectivity analysis

Recently, there is a growing interest in designing objective prognostic/diagnostic tools based on neuroimaging and other data that display...

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Emergence of System Roles in Normative Neurodevelopment

Bassett, Danielle

Tags Functional imaging (e.g. fMRI)BrainConnectivity analysis

During normative neurodevelopment, we examine the emergence of cognitive systems evident in the patterns of intrinsic functional connectivity...

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Evaluating the Reproducibility of Dynamic Connectivity in fMRI

Barber, Anita ;   Cho, Ann ;   Cohen, Jessica ;   Nebel, Mary-Beth ;   Xu, Yuting ;   Lindquist, Martin

Tags fMRI analysis

In this work we show initial results from a reproducibility study of commonly used techniques for accessing dynamic connectivity in...

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