A Comparison between Generalized Coherence Factor and Short-Lag Spatial Coherence Methods

Pozo Fortunic, Edmundo ;   Castañeda, Benjamín ;   Dahl, Jeremy ;   Lavarello, Roberto

Tags Ultrasound

Typical ultrasound image beamforming is based on delay and sum of received echoes. Sound speed inhomogeneity, phase aberration and acoustic...

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Evaluating the Effect of Bit Rate on the Quality of Portable Ultrasound Video

Gray, Marissa ;   Morchel, Herman ;   Hazelwood, Vikki

Tags Image quality assessmentUltrasoundAbdomen

This study analyzes the effect of bit rate on real time, wireless, and secure medical ultrasound video transmission quality. In order to...

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Informational Modeling of Tissue-Like Materials using Ultrasound

Hoerig, Cameron ;   Insana, Michael F. ;   Ghaboussi, Jamshid

Tags Machine learningInverse methodsElastography imaging

The correlation between disease pathology and tissue stiffness can be exploited to detect and potentially diagnose abnormal tissue states....

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Joint Bayesian Deconvolution and Point Spread Function Estimation for Ultrasound Imaging

Zhao, Ningning ;   Basarab, Adrian ;   Kouamé, Denis ;   Tourneret, Jean-Yves

Tags Probabilistic and statistical models & methodsDeconvolutionUltrasound

This paper addresses the problem of blind deconvolution for ultrasound images within a Bayesian framework. The prior of the unknown...

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Real-Time Automatic Spinal Level Identification with Ultrasound Image Processing

Yu, Shuang ;   Tan, Kok Kiong ;   Sng, Ban Leong ;   Li, Shengjin ;   Sia, Alex Tiong Heng

Tags UltrasoundSpineMachine learning

In this paper, we propose an ultrasound image processing procedure for fully automatic lumbar spine level identification. The image processing...

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