Automatic Muscle Perimysium Annotation using Deep Convolutional Neural Network

Sapkota, Manish ;   Xing, Fuyong ;   Su, Hai ;   Yang, Lin

Tags MuscleMicroscopy - LightImage segmentation

Diseased skeletal muscle expresses mononuclear cell infiltration in the regions of perimysium. Accurate annotation or segmentation of...

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Covariance Estimation using Conjugate Gradient for 3D Classification in Cryo-EM

Andén, Joakim ;   Katsevich, Eugene ;   Singer, Amit

Tags Microscopy - electronClassification

Classifying structural variability in noisy projections of biological macromolecules is a central problem in Cryo-EM. In this work, we build on a...

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Iteratively Training Classifiers for Circulating Tumor Cell Detection

Mao, Yunxiang ;   Yin, Zhaozheng ;   Schober, Joseph

Tags Cells & moleculesValidationSingle cell & molecule detection

The number of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) in blood provides an indication of disease progression and tumor response to chemotherapeutic...

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Segmentation of Overlapping Cervical Cells: A Variational Method with Star-Shape Prior

Nosrati, Masoud S. ;   Hamarneh, Ghassan

Tags Cells & moleculesMicroscopy - LightImage segmentation

Accurate and automatic detection and delineation of cervical cells are two critical precursor steps to automatic Pap smear image analysis and...

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Spoke-LBP and Ring-LBP: New Texture Features for Tissue Classification

Wan, Sunhua ;   Huang, Xiaolei

Tags Computer-aided detection and diagnosis (CAD)Optical coherence tomographyBreast

This paper proposes a texture feature which is applied on human breast Optical Coherence Microscopy (OCM) images to classify different...

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