A Model of the Spatial Microenvironment of the Colonic Crypt

Kovacheva, Violeta ;   Snead, David ;   Rajpoot, Nasir

Tags Microscopy - FluorescenceGastrointestinal tractImage synthesis

There have been great advancements in the field of immunofluorescence imaging. The surge in development of analytical methods for such data...

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Infering an Ontology of Single Cell Motions from High-Throughput Microscopy Data

Schoenauer Sebag, Alice ;   Plancade, Sandra ;   Raulet-Tomkiewicz, CĂ©line ;   Barouki, Robert ;   Vert, Jean-Philippe ;   Walter, Thomas

Tags High-content (high-throughput) screeningPattern recognition and classificationData Mining

Cellular motility is a fundamental biological process. Progress in the fields of gene silencing and high-throughput (HT) microscopy provide us...

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Interactive Exemplar-Based Segmentation Toolkit for Biomedical Image Analysis

LI, Xiang ;   Zhou, Zhi ;   Keller, Philipp ;   Zeng, Hongkui ;   Liu, Tianming ;   Peng, Hanchuan

Tags Image segmentationIn-vivo cellular and molecular imaging

In the field of biomedical imaging analysis on single-cell level, reliable and fast segmentation of the cell nuclei from the background on...

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Liver Whole Slide Image Analysis for 3D Vessel Reconstruction

Liang, Yanhui ;   Wang, Fusheng ;   Treanor, Darren ;   Magee, Derek ;   Teodoro, George ;   Zhu, Yangyang ;   Kong, Jun

Tags VesselsLiverShape analysis

The emergence of digital pathology has enabled numerous quantitative analyses of histopathology structures. However, most pathology image...

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Real-Time Detection of Imaging Errors in the Knife-Edge Scanning Microscope through Change Detection

Zhang, Wencong ;   Yoo, Jaewook ;   Keyser, John ;   Abbott, Louise C. ;   Choe, Yoonsuck

Tags Microscopy - LightSmall animals

Advances in high-resolution, high-throughput 3D microscopy techniques are enabling subcellular investigation of whole small animal organs such...

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Symmetry-Based Mitosis Detection in Time-Lapse Microscopy

Gilad, Topaz ;   Bray, Mark-Anthony ;   Carpenter, Anne ;   Riklin Raviv, Tammy

Tags High-content (high-throughput) screeningTracking (time series analysis)Microscopy - Light

Providing a general framework for mitosis detection is challenging. The variability of the visual traits and temporal features which classify...

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