A Template-to-Slice Block Matching approach for Automatic Localization of Brain in Fetal MRI

Taimouri, Vahid ;   Gholipour, Ali ;   Velasco-Annis, Clemente ;   Estroff, Judy ;   Warfield, Simon K.

Tags Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)Brain

To enhance post-acquisition processing of fetal brain MRI we have developed a template-to-slice block matching technique that matches a...

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Clustering the Infant Brain Tissues based on Microstructural Properties and Maturation Assessment using Multi-Parametric MRI

Lebenberg, Jessica ;   Poupon, Cyril ;   Thirion, Bertrand ;   Leroy, François ;   Mangin, Jean-François ;   Dehaene-Lambertz, Ghislaine ;   Dubois, Jessica

Tags BrainMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)Classification

Microstructural and physiological changes are intense in the developing brain, thus considerably modifying parameters quantified by MRI...

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Object Localisation in Fetal Ultrasound Images using Invariant Features

Bridge, Christopher ;   Noble, J Alison

Tags UltrasoundPattern recognition and classificationHeart

We address the task of object localisation in 2D fetal ultrasound images, where invariance to factors such as image contrast and object...

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Spectral Clustering based Parcellation of Fetal Brain MRI

Pepe, Antonietta ;   Auzias, Guillaume ;   de Guio, Francois ;   Rousseau, François ;   Germanaud, David ;   Mangin, Jean-François ;   Girard, Nadine ;   Coulon, Olivier ;   Lefevre, Julien

Tags Image segmentationBrain

Many neuroimaging studies are based on the idea that there are distinct brain regions that are functionally or micro-anatomically...

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