Adaptive Dictionary Learning for Competitive Classification of Multiple Sclerosis Lesions

Deshpande, Hrishikesh ;   Maurel, Pierre ;   Barillot, Christian

Tags ClassificationComputer-aided detection and diagnosis (CAD)Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Sparse representations allow modeling data using few basis elements of an over-complete dictionary and have been used in many image...

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Automated Multi-Atlas Labeling of the Fornix and Its Integrity in Alzheimer's Disease

Jin, Yan ;   Shi, Yonggang ;   Zhan, Liang ;   Thompson, Paul

Tags BrainDiffusion weighted imaging

Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia. Diffusion imaging provides information on white matter integrity not available with...

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Boosting Classification Accuracy of Diffusion MRI Derived Brain Networks for the Subtypes of Mild Cognitive Impairment using Higher Order Singular Value Decomposition

Zhan, Liang ;   Liu, Yashu ;   Zhou, Jiayu ;   Ye, Jieping ;   Thompson, Paul

Tags Diffusion weighted imagingClassificationConnectivity analysis

Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is an intermediate stage between normal aging and Alzheimer's disease (AD), and around 10-15% of people with MCI...

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Combining Multi-Parametric MR Images for the Detection of Epileptogenic Lesions

El Azami, Meriem ;   Bouet, Romain ;   Jung, Julien ;   Hammers, Alexander ;   Lartizien, Carole

Tags Computer-aided detection and diagnosis (CAD)ClassificationMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Detecting epileptogenic brain lesions in patients with intractable epilepsy is important as patients may then be eligible for surgery. We...

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Feature Selection Improves the Accuracy of Classifying Alzheimer Disease using Diffusion Tensor Images

Demirhan, Ayse ;   Nir, Talia M. ;   Zavaliangos-Petropulu, Artemis ;   Jack, Clifford R ;   Weiner, Michael ;   Bernstein, Matthew ;   Thompson, Paul ;   Jahanshad, Neda

Tags Diffusion weighted imagingClassificationBrain

Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) has recently been added to several large-scale studies of Alzheimer's disease (AD), such as the Alzheimer's...

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Parkinsonian Differentiation using PCA Image Correlation Scores

Spetsieris, Phoebe ;   Dhawan, Vijay ;   Eidelberg, David

Tags Nuclear imaging (e.g. PET, SPECT)BrainPattern recognition and classification

Atypical parkinsonian syndromes are often difficult to diagnose because they present common clinical symptoms and differences in diagnostic...

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