A Cost-Efficient Spring-Powered Dermatome to Treat Skin Trauma

Casey, Jonathan ;   Mantzavinou, Aikaterini ;   Ranger, Bryan ;   Secundo, Rafael ;   Sheridan, Robert

Tags Medical devicesAffordable global healthcareGlobal healthcare challenges

Dermatomes are devices for the procurement of skin grafts, which are essential for successful skin transplantation. Technologically advanced...

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Affordable M2M Enabled E-Health using Standard BAN Technology

Kuroda, Masahiro ;   Fukahori, Michiko

Tags Affordable global healthcareGlobal healthcare challengesBody sensor networks

E-health technologies reduce the costs of social medical/healthcare system not only in developed but also in developing countries. Body area...

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Applying the Biodesign Innovation Process: Addressing the Inadequate Supply of Surgical Screws in the Developing World

Rismani, Shalaleh ;   Allan, Gregory ;   Chung, Vivian ;   Tam, Roger ;   Wilson, David ;   Van der Loos, H. F. Machiel

Tags Global healthcare challengesHuman factorsMedical devices

Trauma injuries are now a leading cause of death and disability across developing countries. Within these low-resource environments, the...

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BEPOC: A Biometrics-Enabled Point-of-Care Patients and Electronic Medical Records Management System for Medical Missions

Igbonagwam, Okey ;   Nwosu, Kingsley

Tags Electronic health records (EHR)Global healthcare challengesHealthcare services

In spite of the tremendous efforts and successes in global health conditions, many citizens in low-income countries still suffer from health...

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Design and Performance of a Low-Cost, Handheld Reader for Diagnosing Anemia in Blantyre, Malawi

Bond, Meaghan ;   Mvula, Jessica ;   Molyneux, Elizabeth ;   Richards-Kortum, Rebecca

Tags POC diagnosticsAffordable global healthcareGlobal healthcare challenges

Anemia, a condition characterized by insufficient hemoglobin, affects 56.2% of pregnant women and 66.1% of children under five in low-resource...

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Point-of-Care Portable Diagnostic Lab for Low Resource Settings

Paris, Nancy ;   Kanigan, Ryan ;   Mooder, Karen ;   Petitjean, Florian

Tags Integration of POC in healthcarePOC diagnosticsGlobal healthcare challenges

Pneumonia is one of the leading causes of death of children under 5 globally. UNICEF has identified the need for an improved tool to support...

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