Balance Analysis of One Leg Stance for Older Adults with Inertial Measurement Units

Kong, Weisheng ;   Sessa, Salvatore ;   Magistro, Daniele ;   Zhang, Di ;   Imtiaz, Usama ;   Cosentino, Sarah ;   Zecca, Massimiliano ;   Ishii, Hiroyuki ;   Takeuchi, Hikaru ;   Kawashima, Ryuta ;   Takanishi, Atsuo

Tags Data mining, analysis and machine learningMulti-sensor data fusion and analysisWearable sensors

Decreasing balance ability in older adults increases the risk of falls. According to the literature, two balance strategies are revealed, ankle...

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Development of a Paper-Based Diagnostic for Influenza Detection

Holstein, Carly ;   Bennett, Steven ;   Strauch, Eva-Maria ;   Chevalier, Aaron ;   Fu, Elain ;   Baker, David ;   Yager, Paul

Tags POC diagnosticsPOC technologiesLab on a chip

The development of novel paper-based diagnostic tests has surged in recent years, due to the suitability of these tests for use at the...

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Multivariate Voronoi Outlier Detection for Time Series

Zwilling, Chris ;   Wang, Michelle Yongmei

Tags Data mining, analysis and machine learning

Outlier detection is a primary step in many data mining and analysis applications, including healthcare and medical research. This paper...

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Paper-Based Non-Mechanical Valves for Autonomous Multi-Reagent Lateral Flow Microfluidic Devices

Anagnostopoulos, Constantine

Tags Lab on a chipPOC diagnosticsAffordable global healthcare

In this paper we report the first three-dimensional (3D) and non-mechanical valve as a building block to create paper-based autonomous...

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Precision Medicine using Individualized Biosimulations of Drug Dosing: Alzheimer's Disease

Phelix, Clyde ;   Villareal, Greg ;   LeBaron, Richard ;   Perry, George ;   Roberson, Dawn

Tags System biology and healthcarePersonalized medicinePreventive medicine

Precision medicine requires the right drug at the right dose for the right patient at the right time. This study used a computational biology...

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Sit to Stand Sensing using Wearable IMUs based on Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy and Kalman Filter

Nour, Omar ;   Ramadan, Ahmed ;   Sessa, Salvatore ;   Rashad, Ahmed ;   Abo-Ismail, Ahmed ;   Zecca, Massimiliano ;   Kobayashi, Yo ;   Takanishi, Atsuo ;   Fujie, Masakatsu G.

Tags Wearable sensorsMulti-sensor data fusion and analysis

This paper present a method for measuring the posture of a human body during different phases of sit to stand motion using inertial...

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