Affordable M2M Enabled E-Health using Standard BAN Technology

Kuroda, Masahiro ;   Fukahori, Michiko

Tags Affordable global healthcareGlobal healthcare challengesBody sensor networks

E-health technologies reduce the costs of social medical/healthcare system not only in developed but also in developing countries. Body area...

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Design and Performance of a Low-Cost, Handheld Reader for Diagnosing Anemia in Blantyre, Malawi

Bond, Meaghan ;   Mvula, Jessica ;   Molyneux, Elizabeth ;   Richards-Kortum, Rebecca

Tags POC diagnosticsAffordable global healthcareGlobal healthcare challenges

Anemia, a condition characterized by insufficient hemoglobin, affects 56.2% of pregnant women and 66.1% of children under five in low-resource...

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Electric Stimulus Response of Chitosan Microbeads Embedded with Magnetic Nanoparticles for Controlled Drug Delivery

Mohapatra, Ankita ;   McGraw, Gregory ;   Morshed, Bashir ;   Jennings, Jessica ;   Haggard, Warren ;   Bumgardner, Joel ;   Mishra, Sanjay

Tags NanomedicineTherapeutic intervention

Drug Delivery Systems (DDS) are suitable for drug delivery over direct pharmaceutical administration of drug due to enhanced bioavailability,...

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Feasibility of a Hybrid Elastographic-Microfluidic Device to Rapidly Process and Assess Pancreatic Cancer Biopsies for Pathologists

Das, Ronnie ;   Nguyen, Thu-Mai ;   Lim, Saniel D. ;   O'Donnell, Matthew ;   Wang, Ruikang ;   Seibel, Eric

Tags POC diagnosticsPOC technologiesLab on a chip

In this study, our collaborative research group explored the possibility of incorporating elastography technology into a microfluidic device,...

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Low-Cost Quantitative Palpation Device for Breast Lesion Tracking and Telehealth

Blank, Molly ;   Antaki, James

Tags Medical devicesmHealthClinical decision support systems

Evaluation of tissues by palpation has been a regular part of physical examination for generations yet it relies on the experience and...

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Virtual Hand Modeling for Ultrasound-Guided Percutaneous Surgical Simulator

Chen, Hsin-Chen ;   Yang, Tai-Hua ;   Chen, Chih-Kai ;   Chu, Min-Tzu ;   Jou, I-Ming ;   Su, Fong-Chin ;   Sun, Yung-Nien

Tags ImagingTherapeutic interventionIntegration of POC in healthcare

Percutaneous surgery, which accesses to inner organs via "needle-puncture" of the skin rather than an "open" approach, has gotten greater...

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