A Handy Device for Patellar Tendon Reflex Test

Mamizuka, Naotaka ;   Ohtaki, Yasuaki

Tags Sensor reliability and data validationPOC technologiesWearable sensors

This study presents advanced measurement equipment which aimed at quantitative assessment of the patellar tendon reflex (PTR) in clinical...

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Affordable, Sensitive, Point-of-Care Bacterial Detection through Paper-Based Device for Resource Limited Settings

Kim, Unyoung ;   Leineweber, William ;   Williams, Mallory ;   Gonzales, Jesus ;   Figueira, Silvia

Tags POC diagnosticsLab on a chipmHealth

Currently, accurate pathogen detection methods are dependent upon special equipment, electricity, cold storage, or sterile environments not...

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Assessment of Kinect SDK's Skeleton Joints – Comparison with Joint Centers in Biomechanical Model

Tamei, Tomoya ;   Funaya, Hiroyuki ;   Ikeda, Kazushi ;   Shibata, Tomohiro

Tags Sensor reliability and data validationPOC diagnosticsPOC technologies

We assessed correspondence of skeleton joints of Kinect SDK with a subject's body, and the tracking accuracy of the skeleton joints in a...

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Automatic Advice Generator using Lifestyle Data for Weight Loss Program

Osaki, Takanobu ;   Fukuyama, Yuki ;   Takada, Hidekatsu ;   Ban, Hideyuki ;   Tsukakoshi, Ritsuko ;   Kibushi, Miwa ;   Takimoto, Mio ;   Okoshi, Yumi ;   Nakagawa, Tohru ;   Yamamoto, Shinji ;   Sugiura, Akihiko

Tags IT for healthcare services and deliveryHealthcare informatics and decision support systemsPatient education and compliance in POC healthcare

We have developed an automatic advice generator for a weight loss program that uses participants' lifestyle data. Generated advice praises...

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Clothing-Embedded ECG Monitor: A Light-Weight Continuous Vital Signal Monitoring System

Periyaswamy, Thamizhisai ;   Slack, Kaitlin ;   Maifert, Aleisha

Tags Wearable sensorsMedical devicesmHealth

This paper has been removed from the conference proceedings

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Inertial Microfluidic Spiral CTCs Filter with Micropillars

Fang, Zecong ;   Zhang, Zhifeng ;   Xiaolin, Chen ;   Xu, Jie

Tags POC diagnosticsLab on a chipMedical devices

A microfluidic spiral filter with micropillars for circulating cancer cells (CTCs) separation based on variations in size and deformability was...

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Low Resource Setting Protocol for Extracting Nucleic Acids from Stool Samples Containing Cryptosporidium Oocysts

Crannell, Zachary ;   Skerrett, Erica ;   Richards-Kortum, Rebecca

Tags POC diagnosticsCritical challenges in remote diagnosis and patient management

Cryptosporidium is one of the leading causes of diarrheal disease worldwide. While treatable, it can be difficult to diagnose as it presents...

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Motion Tracking of a Subject Lying on a Bed using RGB-D Sensor

Tamei, Tomoya ;   Saxena, Krati ;   Ikeda, Kazushi ;   Shibata, Tomohiro

Tags Body sensor networksMedical devicesPOC technologies

In this paper, we developed a motion tracking system of a subject lying on a bed using a cheap RGB-D sensor for remote diagnosis. We...

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Novel Methodology for Custom Orthotic Design and Manufacturing

Smith, Rachel J. ;   Post, Brian K. ;   Love, Lonnie J. ;   Lind, Randall F.

Tags POC technologies

The standard methodology for customization of orthotics and prosthetic sockets has continually been a time consuming and wasteful process...

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Point-of-Care Portable Diagnostic Lab for Low Resource Settings

Paris, Nancy ;   Kanigan, Ryan ;   Mooder, Karen ;   Petitjean, Florian

Tags Integration of POC in healthcarePOC diagnosticsGlobal healthcare challenges

Pneumonia is one of the leading causes of death of children under 5 globally. UNICEF has identified the need for an improved tool to support...

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Validation of Semiconductor Electronic Label-Free Assay (SELFA) for Point-of-Care Cardiac Troponin I Measurement

Mao, Yufei ;   Shin, Kyeong-Sik ;   Mashayekhi, Foad ;   Song, Lu ;   Chui, Chi On

Tags POC diagnosticsSensor reliability and data validationBiomarkers

We developed a novel Semiconductor Electronic Label-Free Assay (SELFA) to quantitate cardiac troponin I (cTnI) in patient specimens toward...

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