A Multi-Target Tracking Sensor Platform for Dielectrophoresis-Based Characterization of Cells

Dickerson, Samuel J. ;   Coraluppi, Stefano ;   Carthel, Craig ;   Levitan, Steven ;   Chiarulli, Donald

Tags POC technologiesPOC diagnosticsLab on a chip

In this paper, we present a sensor platform for characterizing cells using dielectrophoresis. With our approach, we use a multi-target...

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Controllable Wireless Power Delivery for Biomedical Implants

Venkateswaran, Madhav ;   Lee Jr., Fred T. ;   van der Weide, Daniel

Tags Wireless sensors and device controlWireless communications, networking and cloud computingMedical devices

We demonstrate a method, independent of coil geometry, orientation and separation, to measure inductive wireless power transfer to an...

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Four Years Old Children's Physical Activity: Can We Confirm the Difference of Physical Activity Due to the Difference of Educational Program?

Shirouzu, Shigenori ;   Shirouzu, Eiko ;   Fujitani, Shinobu ;   Katayama, Sotetsu ;   Masaki, Takeo ;   Sugano, HIsanobu ;   Seno, Yumeka

Tags POC diagnosticsPOC technologiesWearable sensors

We have developed wearable (size: 40×39×8mm, weight: 14g) acceleration and ECG measuring device which can measure physical activity (PA)...

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NeuroMonitor Ambulatory EEG Device: Comparative Analysis and Its Application for Cognitive Load Assessment

Mahajan, Ruhi ;   Majmudar, Charvi ;   Khatun, Saleha ;   Morshed, Bashir ;   Bidelman, Gavin M.

Tags Wireless sensors and device controlSensor reliability and data validationMedical devices

We have previously presented a wireless ambulatory EEG device (NeuroMonitor) to non-invasively monitor prefrontal cortex scalp EEG activity...

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Smart Phone Compatible Peak Expiratory Flow Meter

Natarajan, Srinath ;   Titus, Albert ;   Castner, Jessica

Tags Medical devices

Asthma is a chronic air way inflammatory disease that restricts airflow in lungs through acute reduction of airway by a combination of smooth...

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Towards a Cyber-Medical Model for Device Configuration Safety in Acute Care

Rahmaniheris, Maryam ;   Sha, Lui ;   Berlin, Richard ;   Goldman, Julian

Tags Medical devicesHealthcare informatics and decision support systemsCritical care

The safety and efficacy of acute patient care depends on continuously proper use of medical monitoring and therapeutic devices. The device...

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