A Finger-Worn Ultrasound Probe for Point-of-Care Applications

Corbett, Scott S. ;   Schutz, Ronald W. ;   Okies, J. Edward

Tags Wearable sensorsWireless sensors and device controlImaging

We report on the SonicEye® ultrasound probe, a high frequency, linear ultrasound probe worn on the finger. The form factor of the probe...

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A Handsfree Communication Solution for Wearable Devices

Sun, Yixin ;   Tao, Yudong ;   Hu, Zhi ;   Fan, Hao ;   Wang, Yuwei

Tags Wireless sensors and device controlWearable sensorsWireless communications, networking and cloud computing

With the increasing needs for frequent instant communications, it becomes attractive to create an assistive device to facilitate software...

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A Model of Packet Loss in the Bluetooth Low Energy Component of a Wearable Body Area Network Caused by Interference from a Residential Microwave Oven

Barge, William ;   Chou, Te-Shun ;   Lin, Yuetong ;   Ozan, Erol

Tags Body sensor networksWireless communications, networking and cloud computingWearable sensors

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the United States. Advances in wireless technology have made possible the remote...

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Body-Worn Fully-Passive Wireless Analog Sensors for Physiological Signal Capture through Load Modulation using Resistive Transducers

Consul Pacareu, Sergi ;   Arellano, David ;   Morshed, Bashir

Tags Body sensor networksWearable sensorsWireless sensors and device control

Fully-passive wireless body-sensors pose viable solutions for unobtrusive monitoring of physiological signals at natural settings. While...

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Long-term Remote Monitoring of Vital Signs using a Wireless Patch Sensor

Selvaraj, Nandakumar

Tags Medical devicesSensor reliability and data validationWearable sensors

Remote monitoring and wearable technologies could help to effectively manage health, monitor safety and reduce the staggering health care...

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Non-Invasive Monitoring of Eating Behavior using Spectrogram Analysis in a Wearable Necklace

Alshurafa, Nabil ;   Kalantarian, Haik ;   Pourhomayoun, Mohammad ;   Sarin, Shruti ;   Liu, Jason Jun Hing ;   Sarrafzadeh, Majid

Tags Wearable sensorsBody sensor networksmHealth

Food intake levels, hydration, chewing and swallowing rate, and dietary choices are all factors known to impact one's health. This paper...

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