An Application-Agnostic Quality of Service Framework for Wireless Body Area Networks

Monsef, Ehsan ;   Gonnot, Thomas ;   Yi, Won-Jae ;   Saniie, Jafar

Tags Body sensor networksWireless communications, networking and cloud computing

This paper presents an application-agnostic Quality of service (QoS) framework for Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN). The applications of...

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Energy Expenditure Estimation in Boys with Duchene Muscular Dystrophy using Accelerometer and Heart Rate Sensors

Pande, Amit ;   Casazza, Gretchen ;   Nicorici, Alina ;   Seto, Edmund ;   Miyamoto, Sheridan ;   Lange, Matthew ;   Abresch, Richard Ted ;   Mohapatra, Prasant ;   Han, Jay

Tags Wearable sensorsData mining, analysis and machine learningMulti-sensor data fusion and analysis

Accurate Energy Expenditure (EE) Estimation is very important to monitor physical activity of healthy and disabled population. In this work, we...

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Extending the Lifetime of Implantable Intraocular Pressure Sensor

Araci, Ismail Emre ;   Quake, Stephen ;   Mandel, Yossi ;   Su, Baolong

Tags Medical DevicesWearable sensorsclinical decision support systems

We have designed and fabricated passive intraocular pressure sensors with 1 mm Hg limit of detection for the diagnosis and management of...

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Metabolic Energy Expenditure Estimation using a Position-Agnostic Wearable Sensor System

Dong, Bo ;   Montoye, Alexander ;   Biswas, Subir, Kumar ;   Pfeiffer, Karin

Tags Data mining, analysis and machine learningBody sensor networksWearable sensors

This paper presents an energy expenditure estimation method that uses a wearable accelerometer sensor, but does not rely on a priori...

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Proxy-Care: A Novel Patient Care Tracking System with Wireless Sensor Networks

Puiatti, Alessandro ;   Rivero, Armando ;   Förster, Anna ;   Bernaschina, Andrea ;   Dozio, Gian Carlo ;   Rizzo, Nicola ;   De Bitonti, Nunzio ;   Cavicchioli, Andrea

Tags Healthcare informatics and decision support systemsIT for healthcare services and deliveryData mining, analysis and machine learning

In the health care domain up to the 70% of the revenues can be due to the staff workload costs, which are rerouted to health care...

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