"HyperShear in a Channel": A Microfluidic Facsimile of Ventricular Assist Devices to Reduce Thrombotic Risk and Enhance Patient Safety

Dimasi, Annalisa ;   Redaelli, Alberto ;   Bluestein, Danny ;   Rasponi, Marco ;   Slepian, Marvin J.

Tags Lab on a chipPOC diagnosticsMedical devices

Thrombosis of ventricular assist devices is a significant complication compromising device efficacy with attendant risks of systemic...

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Analysis of Optofluidic Coupling for Integrated Lab-on-a-Chip Applications

Krishnaswamy, Narayan ;   Pattnaik, P.K. ;   Ghare, D B ;   Srinivas, T

Tags Lab on a chipMedical devices

Compact lab-on-chip systems for future applications require the integration of optical and fluidic elements on a single chip. Here we present...

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DNA Ploidy Measure of Feulgen-Stained Cancer Cells using Three-Dimensional Image Cytometry

Agarwal, Nitin ;   Xie, Yiting ;   Patten, Florence ;   Reeves, Anthony ;   Seibel, Eric

Tags ImagingBiomarkersMedical devices

The clinical utility of DNA ploidy as prognostic indicator is well established for cancer. Quantitative measures of DNA are possible in cell...

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Evaluation of a Qualitative Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1 Diagnostic Assay based on Nucleic Acid Sequence based Amplification and Lateral Flow Readout

Leautaud, Veronica ;   Rohrman, Brittany ;   Chiume, Msandeni ;   Molyneux, Elizabeth ;   Richards-Kortum, Rebecca

Tags POC diagnosticsPOC technologies

In this study, a qualitative human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1) diagnostic assay was developed and evaluated as part of an effort to...

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Fast and Inexpensive Detection of Bacterial Viability and Drug Resistance through Metabolic Monitoring

Ayyash, Sondos ;   Wu, Wen-I ;   Ravi Selvaganapathy, Ponnambalam

Tags NanomedicineAffordable global healthcare

Conventional methods for the detection of bacterial viability and drug resistance are either expensive, time consuming, or not definitive, and...

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Low-Cost Disposable Cartridge for Performing a White Blood Cell Count and Partial Differential at the Point-of-Care

Majors, Catherine Elizabeth ;   Pawlowski, Michal E. ;   Tkaczyk, Tomasz ;   Richards-Kortum, Rebecca

Tags POC diagnosticsLab on a chipImaging

Being able to perform a white blood cell (WBC) count and differential is a crucial laboratory test for basic diagnostic practices. In this...

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