Non-Invasive Monitoring of Eating Behavior using Spectrogram Analysis in a Wearable Necklace

Alshurafa, Nabil ;   Kalantarian, Haik ;   Pourhomayoun, Mohammad ;   Sarin, Shruti ;   Liu, Jason Jun Hing ;   Sarrafzadeh, Majid

Tags Wearable sensorsBody sensor networksmHealth

Food intake levels, hydration, chewing and swallowing rate, and dietary choices are all factors known to impact one's health. This paper...

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Spectrogram-Based Audio Classification of Nutrition Intake

Kalantarian, Haik ;   Alshurafa, Nabil ;   Pourhomayoun, Mohammad ;   Sarin, Shruti ;   Le, Tuan ;   Sarrafzadeh, Majid

Tags Body sensor networks

Acoustic monitoring of food intake in an unobtrusive, wearable form-factor can encourage healthy dietary choices by enabling individuals to...

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