"HyperShear in a Channel": A Microfluidic Facsimile of Mechanical Circulatory Support Devices to Reduce Thrombotic Risk and Enhance Patient Safety

Dimasi, Annalisa ;   Consolo, Filippo ;   Valerio, Lorenzo ;   Rasponi, Marco ;   Tran, Phat ;   Redaelli, Alberto ;   Bluestein, Danny ;   Slepian, Marvin J.

Tags POC Technologies for Clinical and Healthcare FacilitiesPOC Technologies for Home-Based ApplicationsLab-on-a-chip

Thrombosis of mechanical circulatory support devices ? e.g. ventricular assist devices (VADs) may have life-threatening consequences....

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Development of Automated High Throughput Microfluidic Single Molecule Detection Platform for Point of Care Applications

Huang, Po-Jung ;   Kameoka, Jun

Tags Lab-on-a-chipPOC DiagnosticsBiomarkers

We have developed the microfluidic single molecule detection platform for the high throughput point-of-care screening applications. This...

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Near-Infrared Fluorescence Imaging on a Mobile Phone Platform: Image Quality Assessment with Targets and 3D-Printed Phantoms

Wang, Bohan ;   Wang, Quanzeng ;   Ghassemi, Pejhman ;   Chen, Yu ;   Pfefer, Joshua

Tags Lab-on-a-chipBiomarkersPOC Diagnostics

Differences in near infrared fluorescence (NIRF) image quality between mobile phone and CCD-based systems were assessed using novel...

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Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis using Micro Biochip

Nunna, Bharath Babu ;   Shiqiang, Zhuang ;   Ivette, Malave ;   Lee, Eon Soo

Tags Lab-on-a-chipBiomarkersPOC Technologies for Slightly Trained Operators

This paper deals with the ovarian cancer diagnosis using the micro bio chip with no external equipment. The micro biochip consists of micro...

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Reading Out Single-Molecule Digital RNA and DNA Isothermal Amplification Visually and with Unmodified Cell Phones

Rodriguez Manzano, Jesus ;   Karymov, Mikhail ;   Begolo, Stefano ;   Selck, David ;   Zhukov, Dmitriy ;   Jue, Erik ;   Ismagilov, Rustem

Tags POC DiagnosticsLab-on-a-chipmHealth Innovations

We developed a methodology for visual digital readout that can be used to detect and quantify single nucleic acid molecules using a...

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Smartphone-Based, 3D Chip Diagnostic Strategy for Disease Self Management and Point-of-Care

Plevniak, Kimberly ;   He, Mei

Tags POC Technologies in Resource Limited SettingsmHealth InnovationsLab-on-a-chip

In resource-limited areas, the clinical diagnosis involving central facility and site visits can be a huge burden for patients. The low-cost,...

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