An Ultra Low Power System for Personalized, Wearable Seizure Detection

Page, Adam ;   Mohsenin, Tinoosh ;   Oates, Tim ;   Hopp, Jennifer

Tags Detection and Monitoringe-healthmHealth Innovations

In this work we explore the use of a variety of machine learning classifiers for designing an ultra-low power, personalized seizure detection...

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Beyond Regulations for Mobile Apps: A Patient-Oriented Solution for Reliably Selecting Mhealth Applications

Pinciroli, Francesco ;   Marceglia, Sara

Tags Regulatory challenges (US and International)mHealth InnovationsPOC Technologies for Home-Based Applications

Despite the increasing availability, use, and expectations, the reliability of mobile health Apps for patients as point-of-care technologies is...

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Internet-of-Things (IoT) Connects Instruments to Improve Clinical Outcomes

Pearsall, C Robert

Tags Healthcare Innovations with POC technologiesPOC Technologies for Clinical and Healthcare FacilitiesmHealth Innovations

Traditionally, medical instruments have been data islands. The Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm for cooperative machine communication and...

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Mobile Technology for Home-Based Gait Monitoring

Bennett, Christopher ;   Agrawal, Vibhor ;   Lucarevic, Jennifer ;   Allseits, Eric ;   Gaunaurd, Ignacio

Tags POC Technologies for Home-Based ApplicationsmHealth Innovations

The path of the body's center of mass (COM) is important in assessing rehabilitation outcomes and reducing the incidence of falls. We...

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Reading Out Single-Molecule Digital RNA and DNA Isothermal Amplification Visually and with Unmodified Cell Phones

Rodriguez Manzano, Jesus ;   Karymov, Mikhail ;   Begolo, Stefano ;   Selck, David ;   Zhukov, Dmitriy ;   Jue, Erik ;   Ismagilov, Rustem

Tags POC DiagnosticsLab-on-a-chipmHealth Innovations

We developed a methodology for visual digital readout that can be used to detect and quantify single nucleic acid molecules using a...

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Smartphone-Based, 3D Chip Diagnostic Strategy for Disease Self Management and Point-of-Care

Plevniak, Kimberly ;   He, Mei

Tags POC Technologies in Resource Limited SettingsmHealth InnovationsLab-on-a-chip

In resource-limited areas, the clinical diagnosis involving central facility and site visits can be a huge burden for patients. The low-cost,...

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StethAid: Automated Point-of-Care Identification of Innocent Still's Murmur in Children

Shekhar, Raj ;   Kang, Sukryool ;   McConnaughey, James ;   Doroshow, Robin

Tags POC Technologies for Clinical and Healthcare FacilitiesmHealth InnovationsHealthcare Innovations with POC technologies

Over a million healthy children are referred to cardiologists each year in the United States for evaluation of Still's murmur, the most common...

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