Data-Driven Payment-Model Recommendation System for Cost-Effective Healthcare Delivery

Sukumar, Sreenivas ;   Jackson, Indigo ;   Frank, Aline ;   Wheeler, Jessica ;   Tourassi, Georgia

Tags Global Healthcare ChallengesHealthcare Innovations with POC technologiesPOC Technologies for Clinical and Healthcare Facilities

The ability to associate an optimal insurance plan to a patient has the potential to ensure quality care at affordable prices without being a...

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Global Challenges for Point-of-Care Technologies at Emergency Care Systems in Countries with Different Income Levels

Brahmbhatt, Parth ;   Camorlinga, Sergio ;   Camorlinga, Paola

Tags Global Healthcare ChallengesRegulatory challenges (US and International)POC Technologies in Resource Limited Settings

This study describes the current state of Emergency Care Systems (ECS) in 12 different countries that are classified in four different...

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Heat-Actuated Wax Valves for Multistep Paper-Fluidic Diagnostics

Phillips, Elizabeth ;   Clift, Tori ;   Linnes, Jacqueline Callihan

Tags POC Technologies in Resource Limited SettingsAllergy and Infectious Diseases: DetectionGlobal Healthcare Challenges

Paper-based isothermal amplification of nucleic acids combined with simple visual lateral flow detection strips presents a rapid, disposable...

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Image Analysis of Blood Slides for Automatic Malaria Diagnosis

Poostchi, Mahdieh ;   Ersoy, Ilker ;   Bansal, Abhisheka ;   Palaniappan, Kannappan ;   Antani, Sameer ;   Jaeger, Stefan ;   Thoma, George

Tags Allergy and Infectious Diseases: DetectionDetection and MonitoringGlobal Healthcare Challenges

Malaria is a serious global health problem, claiming the lives of 450,000 children per year. A fast and reliable test for diagnosing malaria would...

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In Silico Exploration of Care Delivery Innovations

Ozmen, Ozgur ;   Schryver, Jack ;   Shankar, Mallikarjun ;   Weigand, Gilbert ;   Kieltyka, Suzanne

Tags Healthcare Innovations with POC technologiesGlobal Healthcare Challenges

We describe a methodology that integrates data-analytics, modeling, and simulation for healthcare (IDAMS-HC) systems to evaluate care-delivery...

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Optical Imaging Falloposcope for Ovarian Cancer Detection

Keenan, Maureen ;   Howard, Caitlin ;   Tate, Tyler ;   Utzinger, Urs ;   Barton, Jennifer

Tags POC DiagnosticsLow-cost POC Technologies for Cervical CancerGlobal Healthcare Challenges

We have designed and built a dual modality optical microendoscope for the interrogation of the fallopian tubes and ovaries in vivo. We show...

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Optical Sensor and Nanowire Sensor Arrays on Paper for Biomedical Sensing and Diagnostics

Chen, Yu ;   Mostafalu, Pooria ;   Sonkusale, Sameer

Tags Global Healthcare ChallengesAllergy and Infectious Diseases: Detection

In this paper, we present recent work on paper-based diagnostic platforms that utilizes renewable locally source materials for making sensors....

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Perturbation Detection Prediction Fuzzy Modeling for Posturally Perturbed Standing Subjects

Sani, Shahrokh

Tags Global Healthcare Challenges

Standing blindfolded subject psychophysical movement detection strategies were categorized by analyzing the changes in his/her biomechanical...

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Ultra-Low-Cost Endoscopy for Upper Gastrointestinal Malignancy Screening in Low-Income Countries

Lyne, Christopher ;   Campisano, Federico ;   Vartanian, Alexander ;   Jones, William ;   Morgan, Douglas ;   Obstein, Keith ;   Valdastri, Pietro

Tags POC Technologies in Resource Limited SettingsPOC DiagnosticsGlobal Healthcare Challenges

This paper presents a low-cost endoscopic platform designed to address the needs of developing healthcare markets. The proposed platform...

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Using Mobile-Based Technology to Detect Arrythmias in Rural India

Soni, Apurv ;   Handorf, Anna ;   Earon, Allison ;   Fahey, Nisha ;   Allison, Jeroan ;   Chon, Ki ;   Napolitano, Craig ;   Chin, Michael ;   Nimbalkar, Somashekhar ;   Thanvi, Sunil ;   McManus, David

Tags Atrial Fibrillation MonitoringPOC Technologies in Resource Limited SettingsGlobal Healthcare Challenges

Cryptogenic stroke causes major mortality and morbidity in low- and middle-income countries like India; however, prevalence of atrial...

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