A Naturalistic Human Interface for Chronic Disease Monitoring

Sun, Ye

Tags POC Technologies for Home-Based ApplicationsDetection and MonitoringPoint-Of-Care (POC) Technologies Clinical Translation

The goal of this study is to provide a new design of naturalistic human interface of electrophysiological data acquisition for out-of-hospital...

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A Sonographic Approach to Remote Maternal-Fetal Monitoring

Kazantsev, Alexander ;   Ponomareva, Julia ;   Chatskis, Elena

Tags POC Technologies in Resource Limited SettingsDetection and MonitoringPOC Technologies for Home-Based Applications

Evolution of an AI-enabled web technology for fetal monitoring and pregnancy management is presented. The evolutionary conception of a...

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A Systematic, Multiscale and Multi-Factorial Modelling Approach to Understanding Hydrocephalus

Vardakis, John ;   Chou, Dean ;   Guo, Liwei ;   Tully, Brett ;   Ventikos, Yiannis

Tags Healthcare Innovations with POC technologiesEvidence-based MedicineDetection and Monitoring

This work describes the ongoing development of a simulation platform capable of representing the transport processes in the cerebral...

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An Ultra Low Power System for Personalized, Wearable Seizure Detection

Page, Adam ;   Mohsenin, Tinoosh ;   Oates, Tim ;   Hopp, Jennifer

Tags Detection and Monitoringe-healthmHealth Innovations

In this work we explore the use of a variety of machine learning classifiers for designing an ultra-low power, personalized seizure detection...

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Better Measurements for Better Medicine: The N=1 Approach

DeLaurentis, Poching ;   Kissinger, Peter ;   Kissinger, Candice ;   Pekny, Joseph

Tags Detection and MonitoringHealthcare Innovations with POC technologiesEvidence-based Medicine

An innovative automated serial blood sampling technology can support safer and more effective dosing in clinical trials and for critical care....

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Constructing Patient Specific Clinical Trajectories from Electronic Healthcare Reimbursement Claims using Sequential Pattern Mining

Malhotra, Kunal ;   Hobson, Tanner ;   Valkova, Silvia ;   Pullum, Laura ;   Ramanathan, Arvind

Tags Detection and Monitoringe-healthEvidence-based Medicine

We examine the use of electronic healthcare reimbursement claims (EHRC) for analyzing healthcare delivery and practice patterns across the...

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Development of an Adaptive Morphological Filter for Removal of Baseline Wanders in Electrocardiogram

Yamauchi, Tsuyoshi ;   Abe, Makoto ;   Sugita, Norihiro ;   Yoshizawa, Makoto

Tags Detection and MonitoringPOC Technologies for Home-Based Applications

Usual linear filters used for denoising electrocardiograms may cause waveform distortion especially in the ST-T segment. In this study, an...

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Electrical Imaging of Patients with Cystic Fibrosis

Mueller, Jennifer ;   Mellenthin, Michelle ;   Muller, Peter ;   Deterding, Robin ;   Sagel, Scott

Tags Respiratory MoniotringDetection and MonitoringPOC Technologies for Clinical and Healthcare Facilities

Electrical impedance tomography (EIT) is a noninvasive, non-ionizing functional imaging technique that can be performed as needed with no...

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Image Analysis of Blood Slides for Automatic Malaria Diagnosis

Poostchi, Mahdieh ;   Ersoy, Ilker ;   Bansal, Abhisheka ;   Palaniappan, Kannappan ;   Antani, Sameer ;   Jaeger, Stefan ;   Thoma, George

Tags Allergy and Infectious Diseases: DetectionDetection and MonitoringGlobal Healthcare Challenges

Malaria is a serious global health problem, claiming the lives of 450,000 children per year. A fast and reliable test for diagnosing malaria would...

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Toward a Miniaturized Dielectric Coagulometer for Monitoring Blood Coagulation Disorders at the Point-of-Care

Suster, Michael ;   Maji, Debnath ;   Kucukal, Erdem ;   Stavrou, Evi ;   Gurkan, Umut A. ;   Mohseni, Pedram

Tags Detection and MonitoringPOC DiagnosticsPOC Technologies for Clinical and Healthcare Facilities

We report on development toward a miniaturized dielectric coagulometer for point-of-care (POC) monitoring of blood coagulation disorders. The...

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Unobtrusive Sensing for Sleep Quality Monitoring and Assessment

Kim, Jungyoon ;   Chu, Chao-Hsien

Tags POC Technologies for Home-Based ApplicationsDetection and Monitoringe-health

Sleep related disorders are common diseases especially among the elderly. In this paper, we propose a simple unobtrusive sensing environment...

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