BEAT: A Low-Cost, Point-of-Care, Real-Time Arrhythmia Monitor

Abhinav, Abhinav ;   Mankodiya, Kunal

Tags POC Technologies in Resource Limited SettingsPOC Technologies for Home-Based ApplicationsHeart Rate Monitoring

This paper presents an advanced arrhythmia monitoring system named as BEAT that captures and displays arrhythmia as it happens in real-time...

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Capturing Behavioral Biomarkers to Guide Personalized Treatment

Skubic, Marjorie ;   Rantz, Marilyn ;   Miller, Steven ;   Musterman, Kathryn

Tags POC Technologies for Home-Based ApplicationsBiomarkersHeart Rate Monitoring

Embedded health assessment using in-home sensors is being tested in TigerPlace, a 54-unit senior housing site that supports aging in place. We...

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Flexible and Disposable Rwaps Printed Sensors on Paper Substrate

Morshed, Bashir

Tags Heart Rate MonitoringPOC Technologies for Clinical and Healthcare FacilitiesHealthcare Innovations with POC technologies

Resistive wireless analog passive sensor (rWAPS) is a novel, low-cost, energy efficient, and maintenance-free technology to capture spatially...

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Possible Neural Correlates between the Oculomotor and Cardiac Pacing Systems

Ghahari, Alireza ;   Cheng, Michael

Tags Heart Rate MonitoringHealthcare Innovations with POC technologies

The purpose of this presentation is to draw attention to the potential insights gained by comparing the neural mechanisms controlling the...

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