A Cascaded Regression Approach for Precision Medication Dosing

Ghassemi, Mohammad ;   Mark, Roger ;   Nemati, Shamim

Tags Evidence-based MedicinePOC Technologies for Clinical and Healthcare Facilities

We present a cascaded generalized linear modeling approach, which generates a personalized medication dosing policy for patients in critical...

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A Systematic, Multiscale and Multi-Factorial Modelling Approach to Understanding Hydrocephalus

Vardakis, John ;   Chou, Dean ;   Guo, Liwei ;   Tully, Brett ;   Ventikos, Yiannis

Tags Healthcare Innovations with POC technologiesEvidence-based MedicineDetection and Monitoring

This work describes the ongoing development of a simulation platform capable of representing the transport processes in the cerebral...

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Better Measurements for Better Medicine: The N=1 Approach

DeLaurentis, Poching ;   Kissinger, Peter ;   Kissinger, Candice ;   Pekny, Joseph

Tags Detection and MonitoringHealthcare Innovations with POC technologiesEvidence-based Medicine

An innovative automated serial blood sampling technology can support safer and more effective dosing in clinical trials and for critical care....

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Constructing Patient Specific Clinical Trajectories from Electronic Healthcare Reimbursement Claims using Sequential Pattern Mining

Malhotra, Kunal ;   Hobson, Tanner ;   Valkova, Silvia ;   Pullum, Laura ;   Ramanathan, Arvind

Tags Detection and Monitoringe-healthEvidence-based Medicine

We examine the use of electronic healthcare reimbursement claims (EHRC) for analyzing healthcare delivery and practice patterns across the...

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Personalized Medicine with Individualized Dosing and Precision Printing

Giridhar, Arun ;   DeLaurentis, Poching ;   Icten, Elcin ;   Taylor, Lynne ;   Reklaitis, Gintaras V.

Tags Evidence-based MedicineComprehensive Evaluation and Validation of POC TechnologiesClinical Use and Acceptance of POC Technologies

We optimize dosage amounts for individual patients and create personalized drug products, based on multivariate statistics and high-precision...

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Prediction of Cardiac ICU Length of Stay after Infant Cardiac Surgery Using Exome Sequencing Data

Wu, Po-Yen ;   Phan, John H. ;   Wang, May D.

Tags BiomarkersEvidence-based MedicinePoint-Of-Care (POC) Technologies Clinical Translation

Profound inflammatory response is a common complication after cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass. It has been shown that...

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