Assistive Writing Device for Tremor Patients

Belton, Siri Eileen ;   Sipahi, Rifat ;   Gouldstone, Andrew ;   Jaeger, Beverly K. ;   Hinckel Cavalcante, Larissa

Tags POC Technologies for Home-Based Applications

This paper presents an assistive device to help patients suffering from hand tremor to write legibly. Pilot tests show a 34% average...

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Capturing Behavioral Biomarkers to Guide Personalized Treatment

Skubic, Marjorie ;   Rantz, Marilyn ;   Miller, Steven ;   Musterman, Kathryn

Tags POC Technologies for Home-Based ApplicationsBiomarkersHeart Rate Monitoring

Embedded health assessment using in-home sensors is being tested in TigerPlace, a 54-unit senior housing site that supports aging in place. We...

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Global Challenges for Point-of-Care Technologies at Emergency Care Systems in Countries with Different Income Levels

Brahmbhatt, Parth ;   Camorlinga, Sergio ;   Camorlinga, Paola

Tags Global Healthcare ChallengesRegulatory challenges (US and International)POC Technologies in Resource Limited Settings

This study describes the current state of Emergency Care Systems (ECS) in 12 different countries that are classified in four different...

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Heat-Actuated Wax Valves for Multistep Paper-Fluidic Diagnostics

Phillips, Elizabeth ;   Clift, Tori ;   Linnes, Jacqueline Callihan

Tags POC Technologies in Resource Limited SettingsAllergy and Infectious Diseases: DetectionGlobal Healthcare Challenges

Paper-based isothermal amplification of nucleic acids combined with simple visual lateral flow detection strips presents a rapid, disposable...

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Point-of-Care Test by Gold Nanoparticle Aggregation: Effects of Nanoparticle Concentration and Size

Revuru, Naga Aravind ;   Kang, Peiyuan ;   Qin, Zhenpeng

Tags Allergy and Infectious Diseases: DetectionPOC Technologies in Resource Limited SettingsPOC Technologies for Home-Based Applications

Point-of-Care (POC) diagnosis of infectious diseases continues to be in urgent need and can lead to early diagnosis and treatment. The gold...

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Smartphone-Based, 3D Chip Diagnostic Strategy for Disease Self Management and Point-of-Care

Plevniak, Kimberly ;   He, Mei

Tags POC Technologies in Resource Limited SettingsmHealth InnovationsLab-on-a-chip

In resource-limited areas, the clinical diagnosis involving central facility and site visits can be a huge burden for patients. The low-cost,...

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