Toward a Miniaturized Dielectric Coagulometer for Monitoring Blood Coagulation Disorders at the Point-of-Care

Suster, Michael ;   Maji, Debnath ;   Kucukal, Erdem ;   Stavrou, Evi ;   Gurkan, Umut A. ;   Mohseni, Pedram

We report on development toward a miniaturized dielectric coagulometer for point-of-care (POC) monitoring of blood coagulation disorders. The approach is based upon integrating the technique of dielectric spectroscopy (DS) into a microfabricated, microfluidic sensor that is functionalized to precisely recapitulate the intravascular environment during the natural blood coagulation process. Performing a total of 18 tests with human whole blood samples of varying coagulation times, our results show excellent agreement between sensor-derived and visually observed blood coagulation times.