Ultra-Low-Cost Endoscopy for Upper Gastrointestinal Malignancy Screening in Low-Income Countries

Lyne, Christopher ;   Campisano, Federico ;   Vartanian, Alexander ;   Jones, William ;   Morgan, Douglas ;   Obstein, Keith ;   Valdastri, Pietro

This paper presents a low-cost endoscopic platform designed to address the needs of developing healthcare markets. The proposed platform takes advantage of a disposable endoscopic capsule (9 mm diameter by 26 mm length) which carries a camera within a sealed transparent shell. Jets of water ejected from the capsule body are used to orient the camera for diagnostics. Pressurized water is delivered from a control unit, which provides precise throttling of each of the 3 jets for fine adjustments in capsule orientation. After completion of a screening procedure, the outer shell and tether are discarded and the capsule's camera is reused without the need for sterilization. This approach seeks to enable gastric cancer screening programs in LMIC through a low-resource ($800 initial, $2 per procedure) endoscopic platform with minimal reprocessing requirements.