Precision Medicine in Point-of-Care Management of Surgical Complications

Sun, Zhifei ;   Futoma, Joseph ;   Sendak, Mark ;   Lorenzi, Elizabeth ;   Brown, Stephanie ;   Huang, Ouwen ;   Heller, Katherine ;   Thacker, Julie ;   Mantyh, Christopher ;   Huang, Erich

Surgeon experience or population data, rather than personalized predictions, currently guide post-surgical care. We hypothesize that predictive modeling of surgical outcome data and making models accessible "as a service" at the point-of-care can augment experiential decision-making and thus translate into reduction of post-surgical complications and hospital length of stay. A prototype of an integrated analytical platform was developed for: (1) data intake from an electronic health record, (2) predictive modeling using machine-learning techniques, and (3) deployment of predictions results with personalized interventions.