Optical Sensor and Nanowire Sensor Arrays on Paper for Biomedical Sensing and Diagnostics

Chen, Yu ;   Mostafalu, Pooria ;   Sonkusale, Sameer

In this paper, we present recent work on paper-based diagnostic platforms that utilizes renewable locally source materials for making sensors. Importantly, the fabrication approach relies on use of stencil-based painting approach for patterning hydrophobic and hydrophillic regions on paper and to pattern electrodes, which we show does not require dedicated specialized facilities. Using these approaches we demonstrate a paper-based microfluidic platform with array of optical sensors for detection of infection by H. pylori through salivary analysis. Second, we showcase a nanofabrication approach to grown patterned nanowires directly on paper substrates with application as electrodes in battery or bio-potential recording with superior performances to even the best engineered devices for same functionality.