From Services to Sensors? An Alternative Vision for Research in Home-Based Point-of-Care Solutions for Chronic Conditions

Arvind, D K

This paper postulates that point-of-care solutions for managing health conditions at home should be considered primarily as clinical services which are provided remotely in partnership between healthcare providers and the patients. This has important consequences for research priorities for future point-of-care technologies. Whereas innovation in sensors and platform technology will continue to be important in extending the reach of the health care team, new areas of research are emerging, for instance in the use of data analytics to enable remote clinical overview, e.g., validation of actions expected of patients, such as adherence to, and correct execution of, an exercise regime; early warning systems using trend analysis to detect anomalous behaviour in physiological data for timely intervention and possibly prevention hospitalisation. Ideas from interaction, product and service designs are other areas which will influence the principled design of future POC devices and clinical services. The presentation will draw on the author's experiences in developing and deploying point-of-care technologies for managing long-term conditions such as Compulsive Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in a community setting in the United Kingdom.