A Systematic, Multiscale and Multi-Factorial Modelling Approach to Understanding Hydrocephalus

Vardakis, John ;   Chou, Dean ;   Guo, Liwei ;   Tully, Brett ;   Ventikos, Yiannis

This work describes the ongoing development of a simulation platform capable of representing the transport processes in the cerebral environment in their entirety, and in a coupled manner. This involves the expansion of an existing conceptual framework ? multicompartmental poroelasticity. Using hydrocephalus as a test bed, one is able to account for the necessary mechanisms involved in the interaction between cerebral fluid production, transport and drainage. The broader scope of the work within the VPH-DARE@IT project is to drive the delivery of personalized, multi-factorial brain models to better understand dementia. These models will also incorporate genetic, metabolic, biophysical, physiological and environmental influences.