Asthma Academy: Developing Educational Technology to Improve Asthma Medication Adherence Intervention Efficiency

Nair, Aiswaria ;   Freedle, Karen ;   Cheng, Chihwen ;   Wang, May D.

Asthma is a leading chronic disorder among children and adolescents. While transitioning into adulthood, although some children outgrow asthma, there are others who still suffer from life-threatening asthmatic attacks. The fads and fallacies teenagers have about their asthmatic condition and treatment are rarely recognized or addressed in regular clinical consultations. Therefore, a sound transfer of knowledge during the transition from childcare to adult care is highly recommended. Studies have suggested that asthmatic adolescents explicitly require educational technologies with interactive interfaces which can effectively address the several opportunities and challenges faced by them, especially with respect to engagement with healthcare providers. In this study, in conjunction with Georgia Institute of Technology and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, we developed an interactive education website, called Asthma Academy, which aims at delivering online-based healthcare education in the most interactive and effective way. The education website, developed with cloud-computing technologies, is embedded with curriculums of animation-based stores in which self-health management concepts are delivered. We are performing a group-based study with 30 asthma adolescents to evaluate the performance and user acceptance of Asthma Academy against a backdrop of regular check-ups and assessments over a period of six weeks.