Flexible and Disposable Rwaps Printed Sensors on Paper Substrate

Morshed, Bashir

Resistive wireless analog passive sensor (rWAPS) is a novel, low-cost, energy efficient, and maintenance-free technology to capture spatially distributed neuro-physiological signals for continuous and unobtrusive patient monitoring. In this paper, we present prototypes development on a paper substrate using silver nanoparticle traces fabricated with a material deposition printer. The simple fully-passive rWAPS composes of a planar coil antenna, a tuning capacitor and a resistive transducer. Utilizing a RF carrier signal at 13.5 MHz, the sensors can be probed wirelessly by a scanner, and the signal is decoded from the modulated envelope based on the inductive loading principle. The wear-and-forget type rWAPS prototypes are flexible and disposable that shows the potential of continuous monitoring of heart rate variability, respiration pattern, or body temperature at natural environment.