Point of Care Mobile based Game for Neurodevelopmental Assessment of Infants and Children in Resource-Limited Settings

Pemba, Dhonam ;   Azartash, Kaveh ;   Wais, Tameena ;   Jiang, Jingjing

Current limitations regarding assessment tools for children include the requirement of highly trained clinicians, the inability to monitor cognitive change over time, the unappealing nature of the assessment for a child's short attention span, and the need for equipment and facilities that are inaccessible. Here we present initial development of our point of care game, which can be used for point of care neurodevelopmental assessment of infants. Our game measures 5 cognitive domains: cognitive flexibility, attentional control, working memory, language, and organization and planning. The game requires little time (<10 minutes) and has high sensitivity (.92) and specificity (.87) for identifying developmental delays.