A Graphical User Interface for Monitoring Micrographia

Zhi, Naiqian ;   Jaeger, Beverly K. ;   Gouldstone, Andrew ;   Sipahi, Rifat

Tags POC Technologies for Slightly Trained OperatorsPOC Technologies for Home-Based ApplicationsPOC Technologies for Clinical and Healthcare Facilities

This paper presents a graphical user interface (GUI) infrastructure utilizing quantifiable metrics to characterize micrographia associated with...

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Assistive Writing Device for Tremor Patients

Belton, Siri Eileen ;   Sipahi, Rifat ;   Gouldstone, Andrew ;   Jaeger, Beverly K. ;   Hinckel Cavalcante, Larissa

Tags POC Technologies for Home-Based Applications

This paper presents an assistive device to help patients suffering from hand tremor to write legibly. Pilot tests show a 34% average...

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