Markerless Upper Extremity Technology for Functional Outcomes Assessment in a Pediatric Community Therapy Setting

Rammer, Jacob ;   Zarb, Rakel ;   Rana, Puneet ;   Boerigter, Rebecca ;   Osborn, Christy ;   Daley, Roger ;   Harris, Gerald

Tags Healthcare Innovations with POC technologiesPOC Technologies in Resource Limited SettingsClinical Use and Acceptance of POC Technologies

Motion analysis technology allows clinicians to determine essential causes of orthopaedic impairments, develop individualized treatment plans, and...

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Point of Care Outcomes Assessment using Mobile Motion Analysis Technology

Boerigter, Rebecca ;   Rammer, Jacob ;   Teich, Meghan ;   Murphy, Michael ;   Osborn, Christy ;   Harris, Gerald

Tags POC Technologies in Resource Limited SettingsPOC Technologies for Clinical and Healthcare Facilities

Human motion analysis provides a quantitative means of assessing whole body and segmental motion of individuals in order to better determine...

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