Global Challenges for Point-of-Care Technologies at Emergency Care Systems in Countries with Different Income Levels

Brahmbhatt, Parth ;   Camorlinga, Sergio ;   Camorlinga, Paola

Tags Global Healthcare ChallengesRegulatory challenges (US and International)POC Technologies in Resource Limited Settings

This study describes the current state of Emergency Care Systems (ECS) in 12 different countries that are classified in four different...

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Point-of-Care Technology Models for the Emergency Department

Camorlinga, Sergio ;   Ramganesh, Ajay ;   Henry, Christopher J. ;   Camorlinga, Paola ;   Brahmbhatt, Parth

Tags POC Technologies for Clinical and Healthcare FacilitiesHealthcare Innovations with POC technologies

A computer model for the Emergency Department (ED) is built to provide insights on the causes of the variability of wait times. Point-of-Care...

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