Better Measurements for Better Medicine: The N=1 Approach

DeLaurentis, Poching ;   Kissinger, Peter ;   Kissinger, Candice ;   Pekny, Joseph

Tags Detection and MonitoringHealthcare Innovations with POC technologiesEvidence-based Medicine

An innovative automated serial blood sampling technology can support safer and more effective dosing in clinical trials and for critical care....

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Interoperability and Reliability of Medical Devices – Issues with Smart Infusion Pump Update Process

DeLaurentis, Poching ;   Bitan, Yuval

Tags Wireless communications and NetworkingMedical and Healthcare Data Communication, Security, PrivacyPOC Data Storage and Communication

We analyzed drug alert data to demonstrate the lengthy process of wirelessly updating smart pump drug limit libraries. It shows that multiple...

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Operational Health Information Exchange Platform

Hsu, Kang-Yu ;   DeLaurentis, Poching ;   Adibuzzaman, Mohammad ;   Zink, Rich ;   Yih, Yuehwern

Tags POC Data Storage and Communicatione-healthPOC Technologies for Clinical and Healthcare Facilities

Health Information Exchange (HIE) has been focusing on utilizing patient electronic health records to improve service quality and patient...

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Personalized Medicine with Individualized Dosing and Precision Printing

Giridhar, Arun ;   DeLaurentis, Poching ;   Icten, Elcin ;   Taylor, Lynne ;   Reklaitis, Gintaras V.

Tags Evidence-based MedicineComprehensive Evaluation and Validation of POC TechnologiesClinical Use and Acceptance of POC Technologies

We optimize dosage amounts for individual patients and create personalized drug products, based on multivariate statistics and high-precision...

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