A Basic Study on Quantitative Evaluation of 3-Dimensional Foot Contact with an Inertial Sensor for FES Foot Drop Correction

Shiotani, Maho ;   Watanabe, Takashi

Tags Human performance - GaitRehabilitation - Wearable systemsRehabilitation - Stroke

In these days, FES is used to control ankle dorsiflexion of hemiplegic gait. Since not only dorsiflexion but also 3-dimensional foot contact...

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An Arm for a Leg: Adapting a Robotic Arm for Gait Rehabilitation

Franchi, Giulia ;   Viereck, Ulrich ;   Platt, Robert ;   Yen, Sheng-che ;   Hasson, Christopher

Tags Rehabilitation - RoboticsRehabilitation - LocomotionHuman performance - Gait

The purpose of this study was to adapt a multipurpose robotic arm for gait rehabilitation. An advantage of this approach is versatility: a...

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Antagonist Muscle Co-Activation of Limbs in Human Infant Crawling: A Pilot Study

Xiong, Qiliang ;   Hou, Wensheng

Tags Neuromuscular systems - EMG processing and applicationsHuman performance - Gait

Muscle Co-activation (MCo) is the simultaneous muscular activation of agonist and antagonist muscle groups, which provides adequate joint...

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Changes in the Timing of Muscle Activations during Exoskeleton-Assisted Gait

De Luca, Alice ;   Liporati, Fabio ;   Lentino, Carmelo ;   Checchia, Giovanni Antonio ;   Leoncini, Clara ;   Mandraccia, Sergio ;   Rossi, Laura ;   Gamba, Simona ;   Massone, Antonino ;   Casadio, Maura

Tags Rehabilitation - RoboticsHuman performance - GaitNeuromuscular systems - EMG processing and applications

Robotic devices are used for gait assistance and rehabilitation, but there is still limited knowledge about the effects of these devices on...

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Dependence of Gait Parameters on Height in Typically Developing Children

Agostini, Valentina ;   Nascimbeni, Alberto ;   Di Nardo, Francesco ;   Fioretti, Sandro ;   Burattini, Laura ;   Knaflitz, Marco

Tags Human performance - GaitRehabilitation - Locomotion

In clinical gait analysis is fundamental to have available normative data, to be used as a reference in the interpretation of pathological...

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Feature Extraction Methods using Lower-Limb Electromyogram Signals for Intention Recognition of Gait Initiation

Chung, Sang Hun ;   Kim, Yeonghun ;   Kim, Hyungmin ;   Hwang, Yoha ;   Kim, Seung-Jong ;   An, Jinung ;   Lee, Jong Min

Tags Neuromuscular systems - EMG processing and applicationsHuman performance - GaitRehabilitation - Stroke

Recognition of the intention of gait initiation is important as a cue signal of the first step in lower-limb exoskeleton gait control from...

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Gait Assessment using the Kinect RGB-D Sensor

Zhao, Jingbo ;   Bunn, Frank ;   Perron, Jacob Michael ;   Shen, Edward ;   Allison, Robert

Tags Human performance - Gait

Patients with concussions, strokes and neuromuscular disease such as Parkinson’s disease, often have difficulties in keeping balance and...

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Improvement of Step Count Accuracy using Gyroscope Output for Ultra-Low Speed Walking

Sekine, Masaki ;   Tanaka, Noriko ;   Tamura, Toshiyo ;   Yoshida, Masaki

Tags Human performance - Activities of daily livingHuman performance - GaitRehabilitation - Locomotion

Accuracy of commercially available pedometers based on accelerometer is not sufficient for the elderly who walk at a slow speed. In this...

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